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Rev StaticGuy

The Rev. StaticGuy

The Rev. Staticguy
Not much to say. Hardcore Computer geek punk rocker.
Rev. Dillon, M.C.S.E., A+, BSIS, UCMI.
Qualified and Registered for work on Network Computronic System. Mr Dillon offers advantages that are not to be had with any other Computronist. Many years experience has proved to him that a tradesman's success is commensurate with his honesty, he is therefore most desirous of gaining the gradually increasing confidence of the Public, than to excite a temporary influx of Customers at the expense of Truth. Mr Dillon is usally to be found below ground in vociferous and shadowy location, ensuring that all the Modern Computational System are maintained will a Full and Proper amount of Stream and Electrons. As for newer Analytic Engines it is without ostentation the Mr Dillon assures the Public that HIS knowledge will always be in the forefront of ingenuity.

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